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Who We Are

We Love Your Pet as Much as You Do!

Zootopia Vets is a veterinary hospital that offers 365 day OPD services. We are equipped with state of the art technology and highly qualified, pet friendly staff.

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Zootopia vets provide a range of services such as routine checkups, sterilization, castration , scanning and surgery. We also offer cat boarding,  pet grooming, mobile house  visits and much more


We provide 365 day OPD service.


We provide a range of laboratory services including blood, urine, skin testing and pressure monitoring.


We offer ultra sound scanning using the latest equipment.


We perform a range surgical procedures.


We offer cat and dog grooming by trained staff.

Cat Ward & Boarding

We provide warding and boarding for your pet cats.

Mobile House Visits

We provide mobile veterinary services at the comfort of your own home.

Pet shop

Shop with us for a range of pet food, vitamins, grooming products and pet accessories

Meet Our Team

Happy Faces

We are a professional team of animal lovers, specialists and healthcare professionals. Our team is highly trained to take care of your pet at all times. We have the most friendly and skilled pet care professionals that you can find in the industry. As animal lovers ourselves we believe in treating animals as if they were our own family members and it shows in how well we care for them.

DR. Yushika

-Veterinary surgeon
-BVSc Peradeniya

Dr. Kanishka

-Veterinary surgeon

-BVSc Peradeniya

Mr. Sampath

-Animal Care Assistant
-Pet Groomer

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Mike Ross, WD